Receiving a Check-Dream 1

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Receiving a Check-Dream 1

Post by Destine on Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:31 am

I had this dream last week, I think it goes along with the dream I had last night:
I'm walking around trying to pack up my room expeditiously, but its hard because my mom keeps distracting me. I'm finally through with packing, but I have this out of body encounter: I'm looking at myself in a small room with a short Blonde Girl. I leave for the weekend with my family, its boring but I go to church with them on Sunday. I get up to use the bathroom, one of the ladies already there suggests I use a different stall. It's beautiful inside this stall. But it's not physically beautiful, it's more of I feel it's beautiful. I walk out to wash my hands, and once I'm finished this Woman hands me a check.
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