Holy Spirit, oil annointing

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Holy Spirit, oil annointing

Post by Sirianta on Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:20 am

I had this dream about 3 months back.

I dreamt there was a church gathering. After the cathering there was a man who prayed for people and gave prophetic word. I went up to him after he was done with everybody. I told him that my husband needs prayer (my husband believes in Jesus, but he doesn't have a relationship with Jesus. He also always gets mad when I start talking about biblical stuff. So, I've learnt to keep my mouth shut and just keep on praying. This is something that I've been praying for almost 4 years now). The man said "Yes I know. It is now or never". I was glad that he knew what I was talking about. He knew that the breakthrough should come now.

He laid his hands on me and said nothing, but the Holy Spirit came over me! What a wonderful feeling!!. I fell backwards and some people caught me from behind. (This has happened to me a previous time at a church camp). I was lying on the ground feeling very calm and just happy. Then my husband stopped there with his car and got out. I was so nervous because I thought he was going to go off on me, because I was at this church gathering and he thinks all of this stuff is weird. But to my surprise he wasn't mad at all. The prophet took my hands and put a little bit of oil in each hand.

Then my husband said he wants to buy himself a cooler shirt because he is hot. He bought a shirt from the church, which was weird for me, because I didn't think he would support the church.

It was a surprise to me that my husband was so calm and not mad about all of this. And I wonder what the meaning of the oil on my hands is.

Can someone please give me more insight on this dream. praying

Thank you and God bless!
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Re: Holy Spirit, oil annointing

Post by daphanie02 on Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:36 am

I beleive this is prophetic about your husband supporting your church. He may support them in some way financially in the future and you going there wont bother him as much as you thought it would. if your hands are annointed it usually means you are annointed to heal. But Im looking at the smiley you posted above and its using its hands to pray and intersede. It may be that you are an annointed intersessor and to continue praying for your husband. hope this helps,
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