Vacation w/ Old Acquaintances

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Vacation w/ Old Acquaintances

Post by writer4him on Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:31 pm

I was on a lanai overlooking a large body of water. The weather was warm and beautiful and I had been admiring the sunshine through open French doors, with sheer curtains billowing in the breeze. I walked out and even in my dream, I could feel the warmth of the balcony beneath my bare feet. I remember feeling so healthy and alive. When the breeze lifted my hair, I reached up and was startled to find it much longer that it is in real life---and I was a slimmer version of me. (I've been patiently waiting for my close-cropped style to grow out again in real life and eating healthier to regain my strength, so this was a shock!)

I heard someone talking near the other end of the lanai and there were two young men out there as well; more voices indicated that there were other people nearby. In real life, they are brothers that we met about 5 years ago during a rough time for our family and theirs but we have since lost touch with them. Everyone seemed to be so relaxed and (relieved?) this time--not traumatized like before.
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