Light blue 70's suit

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Light blue 70's suit

Post by Jasmine on Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:17 pm

The dream is basically about celebrating the end of a work program. My real life boss, Hector is in it. He is obviously symbols. His name means "holding fast" or "to hold or posses". In the dream he is by boss.

Here's the scene with him in it:
We were celebrating the end of the work program. We were about to go home. Hector, other girls in the program, and I were walking the streets of Manhatten at night. The ground looked wet and I saw those grates on the floor that you see on the street. I think we were walking to get transportation (possibly a cab). Hector stops us and tells us how proud of us he is and how we worked so hard. I felt the work was very difficult and ongoing and there was contantly work, especially at the end. It was physically rigorous, I felt and at the end there was barely room for break, but that was behind us. It wasn't offically the end but it was upcoming and we were just celebrating. Hector hugs the two other girls and then he hugs me. When he begins to pull away, he looks at me like he's beggining to like me/realize that he does. He kisses my left check. I try to hold onto him when he tries to pull away, because I think he wants me too. He's ready to let go of me and I let go of him but it felt like a small struggle. I see myself holding onto him and he's looking back at the girls, trying to get out. We begin walking. I think about what it would mean if my boss felt this way. I thought it would mean it still would be connected to him even after the program was over if I pursued things. The ending of the program would cut me off from him. I had a bad feeling (not premonition) about pursuing it because I really didn't want/like him, but the allure of the forbidden made me want to stay with Hector/ pursue a relationship. I worried about what the girls would think (the others in the program). We just kept walking.

We girls were wearing dresses. One girl was wearing a hot pink or magenta dress that was shaped like a wedding dress. Another girl wore a shiny purple dress that wasn't as poofy. My boss wore what the blond guy is wearing, minus the hat.

I also wore a dress, which I think was a very light pink with off the shoulder straps (top looked like the top of Cinderella's dress).

This dream is obviously about a trial I'm going through ending. I'm trying to figure out which one God is talking about.
When I think of Hector being the boss, I don't think of a boss like a manager/supervisor, but more like the "boss" in a video game. In a lot of video games, you have to defeat and enemy that won't let you pass, so you can go to the next level. Hector may represent the actual trial.
I had dreams of the trial I was going into before it happened, so I will have to look at them.
Also, when I first thought of the light blue suit, I thought of that episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Carlton had to wear that suit to a dance because something went wrong with his original suit and he felt so embarresed. Things didn't go as planned with his suit.
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