I am getting married

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I am getting married

Post by Emmce on Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:37 pm

I had these on the same day. Not sure what they mean, please help. Thanks

Went out on a date, it was very nice. We kissed. We left and went to Home Depot, we was trying to fix/make something. We were apparently outside then he left to go inside, my sister was there and she went inside with him then I realized the store was closing so I hustled on inside also. It seems like he was a regular there so they let him in even though the store was closing. So we walked then we were in this garden, it was huge. We were holding hands, at first it was awkward because we were just starting to date. There were a few people in the garden; we were talking he said the announcer said something; so I asked, who? The reiterated that the wedding announcer so I said you planning the wedding already? He asked 'what should I do?' So I replied 'pay for the wedding, he said 'so I don't get to help plan?' and I turned around to say 'no' then I remembered in his previous marriage he didn't plan his wedding and wanted to be involved in the planing so I give him a bear hug and said he can help. We're In an area of the garden had some trash on the grounds, there was a pond alongside where we were. Kim was behind us, she was not aware that this guy and I were dating, then the thought crossed my mind to inform her but was apprehensive because he was the now ex husband of a mutual acquaintance. He mentioned about having the wedding in the gardens and Tonia said she was having hers in the garden just outside one of the entrances. Hey thought it was a good idea.
I awoke 5:34am

In a building looking for a bathroom, open bottom door in left side of bldg and someone had just pulled up in a car. So I closed the door and ran over to the other side of the building and ran upstairs. The office building was quiet- seems like none was there. On right side on the outside of the building had masked gunmen. Left bottom floor and went upstairs, a chubby black man in a bathroom sitting. It was as if he was or had already showered and was pampering his feet. I walked passed that bathroom and saw another one around the turn so I went in that and pulled the curtains I front of he stall. Then I saw the masked gunmen with some hostages, pass in front of the restroom I was in. I lifted my feet and held the curtains so the couldn't see my toes sticking out. They passed then a single guy passed and grabbed an unsuspecting young lady who he held hostage. I remained in the bathroom hidden while I was urinating. I woke up 7:34am

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