Small Red Vehicle

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Small Red Vehicle

Post by ispeaktheword on Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:25 pm


dream date: 7/30/15

I was driving a small red vehicle. This vehicle was used (not new) and it wasn't mine. The voice of a woman was guiding me or giving me directions. It was sort of like using the "On Star" service. I never asked for help, the voice just took it upon itself to guide me. I pulled over and parked the car on a street.

It was day time. I got out of the vehicle and saw India walking up the street. This small red vehicle was hers. India didn't look like the India I know. She was dressed like a B Boy (hip hop). She had on baggy pants, a skull cap and was carrying a backpack. She wanted me to help her with the right side door because it was stuck. We took a whole bunch of butter and started rubbing it all over the right side of the door. I could see my mother waiting in the distance.  

IRL India is my spiritual mentor and she is not b boyish at all lol! She dresses very professional. The name means Praise

In the dream I felt a little confused about what was going on.

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