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Hi there
Please could you interpret this for me.
Hi there
I dreamt last night I was pregnant but it was not obvious. I went to the maternity room to see this cacoon like shape as if it was my pregnancy progressing. Eventually a voice in the dream told me it was a boa constrictor snake that was going to be delivered I told the voice I didnt want to take it home. And the snake apperared it was very long and this voice said again this is a boa constrictor snake. But it looked like a python instead of a boa constrictor. Next thing I was on my way to a Christian conference 40 miles away and I stopped at a liquor store and bought champagne and I was drinking it and I got very drunk. (IRL I am a recovering alcholic been sober 15 years) I phoned a Christian friend called John and told him I was drinking he told me it was not the end of the world and not to drink anymore. I got a taxi to this conference and the taxi driver told me that my enemy was going to be one of the main speakers (IRL this woman split up the ministry I was heading up I always suspected jezebel spirit) I told the driver I wanted to go back to the liquor store but he ignored me and carried on. He dropped me off at a beautiful hotel by the sea on the beach and as I was walking along the sand I tried to climb up a sand dune but it was too steep many people were trying to pull me up and encouraging me saying I could do it but I fell back down and decided to walk round the sand dune and I met John the man I was on the phone to and he took me round the straight way which was about 2 seconds and he said stop making life harder on yourself. I got into the conference and it was an aircraft hangar. Then John told me my enemy would not be speaking and I saw her at the canteen with someone helping her and had a black eye mask over her face like she was blind. I wanted to confront her and have an argument with her but my friend then said "There is more to salvation than saying the sinners prayer are you really saved" I woke up a bit disturbed by the snake I have been dreaming a lot about snakes recently. In real life I am in a very bad place in my walk I feel defeated wanting to give up angry and very depressed I feel oppressed the first thing that came to mind when I woke up is could this be a python spirit I am experiencing??

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