Dream 2,,,,,,

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Dream 2,,,,,,

Post by Destine on Sat Jul 25, 2015 8:42 pm

1 dream- I am in a beautiful mansion, decorated to the nines. My family and I are watching TV. My mom's phone rings. She looks worried and leaves the room. She comes back in and says, "That was Pastor Evan, he wants us to go to the ER," So we go, we see his wife in the waiting room. My mom begins to hug her, she starts weeping. Than, her body evaporates. Then, pastor E starts to scream " Katie! My god why?" We see Katie on the ground coughing up blood.

Dream 2-I'm in my college dorm settling in, I hear someone screaming. I go next door to see what's wrong. A blonde Girl is laying on the ground, crying. She is bleeding from her head. I touch her head and she is healed. I hear my phone ring, I pick up. My mom says "Pastor Katie has died." My call is dropped, but I see this date:8/22/2015. The room begins to fill with black smoke. I leave and go to my dorm.
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