meaning of my dreams

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meaning of my dreams

Post by Jill on Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:58 am

First one was me in front passanger seat of my van with my mother & son sitting in same seat behind me, daughter to their far left- I don't know who was driving. We were traveling kind of fast. I had mail in my lap & opened a manilla envelope. Three brown snakes of regular size fell into my lap. I remaind calm as I threw one snake out my window, passed the second snake behind my to my son & mother, and the third snake slithered underneath my seat. The dream ended. I don't recall exactly how I felt whem I awoke but I think I was concerned about why I had that dream about the snakes. a bit uneasy i guess.
Several weeks later spent the night at my parents house & dreamed I was with two unknown men, we intered an unknown house from the side door where the driveway was. The home was well kept & clean. The house was white brick, no lights were on inside the home & nobody was home. I was there but watching them as two of the men took the third man into the living room/dinning room. Sat him on a wood chair & tied him to the chair with I think rope. The man didn't fight it & he was sitting with his stomach & chest against the back of the chair facing out of the rooms into the hallway. Then one or both of the men sat the floor underneith him & maybe just behind the chair on fire. As I watched I realized the man was my husband but his face I did not recognize as my husband. Then the two men ran out of the house as I unlocked the front door & ran to the back door to unlock it. I then went out the side door & saw the two men leave in a old white bronco, like the one my husband & I owned years ago. At one point I thought I ran to get in to Bronco but I was just outside the side door of the house watching them drive away in the Bronco. I awoke very disterbed that I could even dream killing my husband. My husband & I have been separated for around 7 or 8 years now. We are not on good terms.
Now a couple weeks after the second dream I dream there is caos in my parents home but I don't think I recognized the home as their real life home. At some point it comes out that when my mother was in college years ago she became pregnant out of wedlock but miscarried. I dreamed my mother was driving a car & I was riding in the passanger seat beside her while she was talking to me about it. This dream wasn't as clear as the other two & I don't remember the details or I never knew them as this dreams was caotic. I dreamed this dream just last night. I felt utter shock over my mother becoming pregnant out of wedlock(which did not happen in real life) because my mother is a very conservative lady in everyway & always has been. I awoke shocked & confused as to why I would dream such a dream about my mother.

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