Repetitive Pregnancy Dream- Please Help

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Repetitive Pregnancy Dream- Please Help

Post by SabLa on Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:04 pm

I've been this dream on at least 2 occasions, weeks apart.

I dreamt I was 5-6 months pregnant and no one knew until I placed my hand over my stomach to reveal my pregnancy. In all of dreams, even I was shocked to discover I was pregnant. I even hesitated revealing the pregnancies because I am not married and did not know who the father was; however, everyone who found out I was pregnant was extremely excited for me.

In one dream, I contemplated having an abortion because I was afraid of what people might think of me.

I often awake from these dreams feeling like I was really pregnant and wondering if I was by some strange miracle pregnant.

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Re: Repetitive Pregnancy Dream- Please Help

Post by happiness80 on Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:02 pm

Maybe the Lord is birthing something new in you or there is some gifting he has placed in you that will soon become apparent? just my thoughts, usually in my dreams pregnancy points to change or something new. It sounds like a really positive dream - the fact that many around you were so excited - perhaps it also speaks to your confidence when this comes although you felt unsure in the dream t you will have the support of others around you.!

Just thoughts
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