out of body dream experience...

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out of body dream experience...

Post by johanna roberson on Sat Jul 04, 2015 7:46 am

We were under attack by something that aas rrying to kill me and my mate. Hiding in a school bus part of the dream and some how we were in a house. The scene switched. My husband was more of my dad in the dream. He knew that we were going to die so he grabbed my hand and told me we were going to cross over together. So I held his hand. There was another heavy set man that was family in the dream, he didn't look familiar but my husband/dad in the dream wanted us to pray with him. We prayed that he would change his life right then so he could go with us when we died but the man was laughing constantly. We closed the prayer and before we knew it we were dead, we held hands the entire time. I felt us walking but floating also going down some stairs. It was a place where people hang out in a dance hall but they were dead all standing around inside the place a few outside. The was a lady at the podium that knew my husband/dad. She said hey cousin and ask how he been.he responded and the dream ended.

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