Baby bear, 2 snakes; NOTHING CAN STOP ME

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Baby bear, 2 snakes; NOTHING CAN STOP ME

Post by Dreamert00 on Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:39 am

Dreamed I was at my sister apt and her apt was in front of the woods. I looked outside my nephew window and saw it was recently flooded but wasters was still showing on some spots of her backyard (woods). I knew the flooding would bring animals. Next a baby bear was in the room and it hand my hands in his mouth. I felt the pain but it was bearable, I wanted the bear to let go.
Next I'm in my grandma house and the bear still biting down on my hand. Since the best refused to let go, I picked up up (somehow my hand was released) closed it mouth and put his mouth in my mouth and I bit off his mouth. I see the teeth and the closed mouth hit the floor.
Next I'm outside of my grandma house and there were two snakes in the street. All I reminder is taking the two by the tail and swinging it in the air so they can hit one another.

Why I keep dreaming about me being at my sister house? I posted another dream yesterday.

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