house being on fire

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house being on fire

Post by LJH on Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:00 am

In the last couple months I have had a dream that my house was on fire. I had different houses in both dreams. In Both dreams it involved Me,my daughter, and son and my x husband which is there dad. The involved my baby which is not my x husbands son. In the first dream we were in this duplex or whatever it was and it caught on fire i dont rememer my x husband being in it at first but i was trying to get my kids out and all of sudden he was there to help he had my daughter btut i was trying to get my son and every time id get him to come he would turn around and go back into it i looked on the bar in the kitchen and my bible was laying there i thought i need to take that with me then i thought no i just have to get out of here then my son runs back the other way. I finally get him to come (he is just a child all of them are) then we go outside behind the house we re it was happening at and i look over and there is all kinds of people out there too there is a playground next to us with kids on it. The material was made out of the stuff some benches are at parks that are brown with holes in it.then this boy was on top of there and he started to fall off there was people screaming everywhere. My x husband and daghter and son and my x husband and someone i dont remember was all gathered in a circle next to all this and i looked down and there was a bible laying on the ground that i thought was my x husbands sisters but then this unknown person told me no it wasnt. I then was awaken by the phone.. The second dream which i had last night was similar. This time i was in it my daughter son and my baby son which i was holding. My x husband again was trying to help us get out. This time he had our son and I remember him telling me get Mackenzie (which is our daughter). So i did our house was in flames. I remember it being so scarry just as the first one.

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