Dream moving in a new antique house and a night guard mouth piece

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Dream moving in a new antique house and a night guard mouth piece

Post by steadygaze on Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:53 pm

Dream moving in a new antique house and a night guard mouth piece.

My friends Marie and Jeff and me along with our friends Bruce and Sharon moved into a new place. This new house was different it was older antique like, but more spacious. The interesting part was that it was furnished and only had two rooms. Our first day there we were exploring the place. Bruce was putting his shoes on while Sharon stood watching him. I asked where they were off to. Bruce said, " I have to move on and go somewhere else. Then they left. I thought it was a bit odd we had just moved in. Then Marie and Jeff went into their master bedroom while I explored my new bed room. There was a lonely feeling about this new spacious house. I went into the room it had two single beds side by side and a big antique dresser. In fact it seemed like everything was antique in this house. On the dresser there was this old mouth piece night guard to keep you teeth from grinding when you sleep at night. It too was antique. I looked at it closely trying to figure out how it worked. It was two small round pieces and some how they fit together to stop someone from grinding their teeth.I was fascinated by it because it was very antique. I thought it was odd to have something like that in the house we just moved into and in my room of all places. Then we all decided to go to bed and get some sleep so, I put my night guard in my mouth and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and the antique night guard was in my mouth and I am wondering how did that get there!! I spit it out thinking there might be germs on it. Then I got up and was hoping Marie and Jeff would get up and join me for coffee in our new home. I knew this place had a history because everything in it was antique.... I felt like it was a time piece out of the Bible. Like I was felt out of place and yet fascinated, lonely but curious of our new place. It was different and I had to get use it it.
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