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Post by Daisy on Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:55 am

I had a dream my kids and I were in this church.  It had a familiar feel to it, like I have been to it irl, but I cant put my finger on where or when.  Perhaps I have dreamt of this church before. I knew the building well.  I could see that there was a huge storm coming in.  Some people were taking cover, yet some were still going about whatever they were doing previously.  There were a lot of rooms in this church, some pretty wide open rooms.  We were in a main room of the church on the upper level.  It was a large room of the church and there was a huge picture window on all three of the walls. What would have been the forth wall of the room, was an open floor plan that led to the hallway.  

The weather seemed to really get super calm. Even though there was a lot of hussle and bussle in the church that I could hear, oddly enough, I could also hear how quiet it was outside.  Suddenly, even though I couldn't see the tornado with my eyes, I could see the damage this invisible tornado was doing to the houses below. I could see this from the picture window. Nobody else seemed to notice this.  Houses were being uprooted, demolished.  I could see the path the tornado was taking because of the destruction that was taking place below.  I didn't feel fear though, only an urgency to protect the kids.


There was a suggested shelter area that some people went to, when they heard the warnings of severe weather earlier in the dream.  Surprisingly this was on the main floor.  When I seen the destruction above, as quickly as I could, I got my children to the basement.  I knew that I needed to act quickly, before it was too late.  The thought entered my mind to go back up and get the others to safety, but I didn't think we had the time.  I also, I felt like we were going to get in trouble for going to the actual basement, if I were to announce it.  I didn't care though if I were breaking the rules, we were headed there anyways.  I thought the people were stupid for going to the shelter that wasn't below the ground.  I also thought that somebody wasn't looking out for all of our best interests by not putting the shelter in the basement. Even though the thought entered my mind to warn the others, I didn't feel guilty for not doing this.  Not one bit.  Which in real life would not be like me at all. There was also a sense that they wouldn't recieve the warning anyways. (Perhaps they wouldn't have see what I had seen.)

I cant remember exactly how the dream ended, but I feel like the kids and I were able to get to safety.  Not sure about the others.

Ephesians 2:8,9 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.

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Post by Sparkler on Fri Jun 12, 2015 3:57 pm

I sense this tornado is speaking about something coming to the church, maybe your church. you said you was up stairs with your children in the main room (seeking god), although you did not specify if the other people were in the upper room with you,i feel its only the people who walk in a higher level of the spirit, will not only know its coming but will see it coming and will see the damage before it comes close. the windows I sense is prophetic insight to see ahead of time while the basement is god hiding you and your family from the destruction of this tornado.

Overall I sense the dream is saying that something is heading towards the church which will be invisible and will come unawares.The church will have some idea but they may not seek god to have better insight or prepare properly, as it will cause destruction as it comes but only those who are walking in a higher level of the spirit and seeking god will see it coming, they will see the signs. the lord will cover you and your family, it is the responsibility for the church to walk close with god to see what is coming.

I sense your to pray about this and ask god to preserve the church, the good thing is, is that tornados are short but the damage could be severe.
god bless you.

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