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Post by beepromises on Sun May 24, 2015 6:32 pm

Last night I had a dream, and again can recall the ending:

I was walking through a very busy place - not a mall, but something like it - and most of the women there looked almost like nuns; they all had nun-like coverings on their heads.

A few people, including me, weren't wearing that sort of thing but I did have my sweater up over my head as a way to not have to carry or wear it, since my hands were full.

As I was coming to a ramp in this place (lots of people all around) I saw a huge tiger coming through the crowd. It took me a minute to realize this was not a good thing, and as people were scattering in confusion, I quickly ducked into a small alcove, hoping he'd walk past and not notice.

As I was crouching down with the sweater still over my head, I realized the tiger was standing in front of me, curious about the sweater and what was underneath it, and he started patting the top of my head, then carefully pawing it.

I kept trying to fight back fear so that he wouldn't sense it, but wondered how long I had before he got more serious. I could feel his claw in the back of my head as he dug into the sweater, trying to pull it away.

Even when I woke up, I could feel that claw in the back of my head for quite some time.

This felt very, very real...I can still see the colors of the tiger, and many details of him.

Thanks guys!

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