Stolen Car, Intruder, 911 Calls

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Stolen Car, Intruder, 911 Calls

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun May 17, 2015 4:52 am

I'm driving down a road that I take from my parents' place to my own house. In the dream, I'm not very far from their place. I drive past a big house that that sits at the base of a hill. There's a local collage on the top of the hill. These things are there in real life.

There's a huge pit dug in the front yard of the big house (not literal). I see an expensive car crashed into the pit, nose-down. I knew it had just been stolen.

Then, I see the thief. He sees me, and he begins to chase after me on foot. Somehow, he catches up to my car (not my real car, but an open convertible) and attempts to climb in from behind. I'm panicking, knowing that this guy is a threat to my life. It takes a lot of effort to drive faster, but I do, and I also fight off the guy from entering my vehicle. I drive about a block further until there's enough space between us.

Next, I watch the thief enter the large home. At this point, it feels like he's entered my own home. I'm terrified that he was able to get inside, because now I feel as if there's no security - that nothing is completely safe. I decide that it's time to call 911.

I'm aware that I've never called 911 before, so I'm not sure what to expect. I'm surprised to find that there's a recorded message that plays - like I'm on hold and listening to advertisements. Then, the line is quiet, and I'm not sure if my call was disconnected or not. I say something, and I find that there's someone on the other end.

A large group of college students walk past the house on their way to the college, and I see that the thief has blended into their group. No one notices him, and he leaves the area with the students.

I try explaining this to the 911 dispatcher, and each conversation ends with me being put on hold or feeling unsure if anyone is still on the line. At one point, it's like I had to call back later to follow up.

The dream ends with me sitting with some people around my age. They feel like brothers and sisters, although there's no one that I recognize. All I can feel is fear and insecurity now that I've experienced this thief entering "my home," which I felt that God would always protect me from.

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