Dream of mom opening new business?

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Dream of mom opening new business?

Post by Destine on Wed May 13, 2015 10:19 am

I had this dream on monday:
I was driving a Mercedes Benz (C 300) to pick up a friend. Once I got there my friend answered the door, she had a duffle bag on her shoulder. We went to the mall, I wanted to buy a few tee's for school so we went into Gap. Likewise, I made my purchase while my friend played around on her phone. We went next door to a Boutique with a French marquee, I saw my mother working behind the register. I saw beautiful dresses, shirts, skirts, etc. hanging from racks. I noticed business cards on a table, and my mother's name was listed under 'owner.' Afterwards, we ate in the food court, where my Grandparents happened to be at. I drove us home, I made a stop at chase to withdraw $1500. My friend said "Wow, I didn't know Maybelline paid that much."
I felt peace throughout the dream, but it also felt like it has already happened. The dream wasn't in normal color, but it went from pink, to green, to purple.
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