end time drm graphic scenes,,,,,,,,

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end time drm graphic scenes,,,,,,,,

Post by dreamster on Tue May 12, 2015 5:50 pm

nerd im in this drm also observeing from a distance, as it begins i hear myself say ''this is very colorful and detailed, it may well be a drm from god,, it begins with me on a train ,in a box car with no roof, we are traveling probly 50mph ruffly, im a prisoner along side everyone else, the army detaining us looks like ww2 german,but with a different insgnia:what: nerd ,,i feel like a jew heading to a death camp,, infront of the carrage is a ack ack gun, 4 barrels, the soldiers see ppl on the hillsides and shoot them with this machine gun, nerd ,,we are headed to large building thats old, its made of wood something out of the 1930s ,and has many rooms,arenas, stairwells, cubbords, all wood paneled,  etc,,, we arrive and are unloaded into main area,,i know ive got to get away from here, if i stay ill be killed, nerd ,i go up stairs, i open a door to a room filled with ppl trying to party and enjoy themselves befor ther execution, i close the door and dont go in, i walk down a hallway, open a door the large room is filled with gay men exposeing themselves:what: bandaid ,,i close that door, i go to another room im desperate to hide, i know the enemy is looking for me, im very fearful:shocking: ,,i look at cubbords i kud hide in that wouldnt be obvious to see,,i look up above, theres the camp commanders room, its chained off, hard to get to, then i look and see another door, down the hallway i go down there,  i open the door, its a huge room dedicated to sexual encounters:hairraising: ,,there are prostitutes werking , ppl are haveing all kinds of sex under black sheets, trying to hide their actions, which is pointless as its plain whats going on,, holy moly ,,i close that door,, i go up narrow stairs,, theres a another hallway, i walk down,, thers a door, i open it, the room is full , the atmospere warm frendly,, its a christan group, 2 ppl welcome me,, they say ive been expected, holy moly ,,they hand me a piece cardboard, it has my name and giftings written on it,  im amazed,,i feel safe now, even though we are still in the enemys camp,, 🤓this drm felt very futureristik, nerd

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