Waiting To Cross Train Tracks

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Waiting To Cross Train Tracks Empty Waiting To Cross Train Tracks

Post by wiselisa58 on Mon May 11, 2015 9:47 am

I was walking and just as I was getting to the train tracks the rails came down preventing anyone to cross. As the rails were coming down I heard a voice saying that a train may not be coming and the rails might just be acting up. I saw other people standing and waiting to cross the tracks also.  We waited for a few minutes and there was no train. As we were waiting I looked and saw the path I was going to be taken. Then I saw people in there cars coming and crossing the track. I was hoping the train wouldn't come and hit them. Then I saw some of the people who had been standing at the tracks waiting starting to cross. So, I decided it was safe and I crossed also. Once I crossed I started walking up the path along side the train tracks and I was praying that I would make it safely and the train wouldn't  come and hit me. Then I was looking in my purse as I was walking and I could feel others behind me. I felt as if they were trying to steal my purse and I would allow them to pass me, so they wouldn't get my purse. The dream ended from there.

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