Dog Changes To Baby

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Dog Changes To Baby

Post by wiselisa58 on Tue May 05, 2015 1:03 pm

I was walking inside a building where I was going to attend a class, but I was going to stop by the restroom first. So, when I entered the restroom a dog ran into the bathroom with me and he ran through all the stalls. I could here other people in the stalls. So, I told the dog he had to stay in the stall with me. Then the dog turned into a baby (looked like a newborn, but he was trying to walk) and I was trying to prevent the baby from leaving the bathroom. I was trying to bring him the stall with me. I thought I could sit him on my lap while I took care of business, then the scenery change, but I still had the baby. I was looking in the mirror and I could see myself holding the baby. Then I put the baby in the bed with me.

I also had a dream where a baby turns into a dog. I was walking up some steps and I was trying to prevent the baby from going through the opening of the steps, but he ended up going through the steps anyways. So, I started looking under the steps to see where he had went and I was calling his name. As I was calling his name the dog came out from under the steps of the porch responding to his name and I told him he scared me.

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