Time To Pray

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Time To Pray

Post by ispeaktheword on Mon May 04, 2015 7:38 pm

Hello my friend had this dream with me in it. In her words:

Tee and her two kids were at my house. Tee's father called her on her cell phone. It appeared as though they had a scheduled nightly prayer time. Me and Tee were watching tv and she didn't feel like praying. Tee sat on the phone and pretended to be praying but her father knew she was not really into it so he called her out on it.

I muted the tv and went into the other room while Tee prayed with her Father. She was really into it now. She ended the prayer in song and kept saying it's not over. When she was done we finished watching tv. EOD

I pretty much know what the dream is saying. Any thoughts as to why I'm praying in my friends home? My friend is a believer.


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