Please help me with this one (Long)

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Please help me with this one (Long)

Post by rachandben on Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:54 am

Hi everyone,
I had this dream last night.
I was with my 3 sisters and my brother. First we are in a house with a lot rooms and beds, apparently itís my sister Jackyís (she is the oldest in the family IRL) house because she is in control of showing everybody were they are to sleep. I see my brother lying on the floor and I ask why he is laying on the floor when there is a bedroom with a bed unoccupied. Jacky says she asked him to lie there, something like she just didnít want to use that bedroom. My brother doesnít look happy. There is an other bedroom with a bigger bed and Jacky asks me and and my other sister to go sleep there.
Next, I am getting married; donít know who I am getting married to. I am wearing a bright white and long dress. I am sitting and waiting for the family to come (same 3 sisters and brother) When they arrive, they are amazed how beautiful the dress looks. This time, my brother's whife is with them. I donít seem to be excited about getting married. I join them and we walk to the church where I am supposed to meet with the groom. There are a lot of people on the way to the church. As I am walking in the middle of all these people, somehow I know they are all from the devil. I think in my heart, if I can say the name of Jesus, I know the devil doesnít like it. So I start calling Jesus and all these people get angry and start fighting with me. When I see that they react to the name of Jesus, I get loud, pleading the blood of Jesus. The more I call the name of Jesus and pleading His blood, the more these people disappear.
Next I get to the church. There is a small group of people there Worshiping Jesus. They keep the door close like they are hiding. When they see me, they get suspicious (thinking that I am from the enemy camp). So I tell them that itís because of my prayers that they are able to worship Jesus. I tell one of the girls that ďeven when you canít talk, you can call Jesus in your heart).
Alot more happened but I can 't remember all of it.

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