Three Short Parabolic Dreams back to back

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Three Short Parabolic Dreams back to back

Post by silentqueen on Mon May 04, 2015 10:01 am

Hello Beloved,

I want to preface this by saying that I'm so grateful and blessed to have a God who loves me. He answers all of life's questions. In the moments of uncertainty, when the enemy comes to try to make you feel like a fool for trusting God, God reveals Himself because He wants us to know for sure that those who put their trust in Him will never be put to shame! Glory to God!!!!'

These dreams happened early this morning.

Dream 1 - Two departments were given a project. Everything was going along well until there was a disagreement. This disagreement caused the project to stall. Neither side would budge or even discuss the matter. A project manager came in to help them resolve their differences and they compromised. The project resumed. EOD

Dream 2 - An account was being reconciled, however, it was off by only 11.68. Someone had the information needed. A receipt was missing. I heard, "It's only going to take 11.68 for this account to be completely reconciled because 88.32 is already done." EOD

Dream 3 - I was working at Starbucks with my laptop. I left and then realized I had forgotten the laptop. I tried to go back but I got lost. I saw this gentleman and he said It's just around the corner but they close in 10 minutes. I started to panic and he said, "Don't worry,I know them  I'll call for you and they will have it when you get there." I felt relieved because all of my work was on that system. EOD

These dreams are definitely related. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I see an instruction of some kind.

God bless,

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