Pull-Ups and Bullies

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Pull-Ups and Bullies

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri May 01, 2015 3:42 pm

I was in a room with two people. One was a girl my age that I do not know, but I felt comfortable and familiar with in the dream. The other was a man that was older than us that I also do not know. He was some kind of personal trainer/instructor. I felt that he was knowledgeable or was an authority on what he was teaching.

The man was teaching/training us to do pull-ups. He was using a piece of workout equipment that felt unique - like something I have never used or seen before. This piece of equipment had a bar for doing pull-ups, and the bar was very similar to a piece from my home gym, so that felt familiar to me.

The girl was being trained, first. She did pull-ups for a while, and then the man had us switch so that I could get some practice.

The scene changes a bit, and the man is gone. It's just the girl and I in some hallway, and I'm continuing to do pull-ups while she's taking a break. Suddenly, I'm aware that a large group of guys is going to be heading through where we are. The girl is afraid, and I encourage her to hide or run away - which she does.

A mob of guys marches through this hallway, and I knew that they were going to take things - my things, and mostly food. I felt like I had a choice to make: Ignore them, allowing them to take what they wished, but also avoiding conflict (and harm to myself); or, make an issue of it and get beat up...and still lose my stuff.

I opted to focus on my pull-ups while they took what they wished. They ignored me, took some things, and then left. The last guy in the mob came up to me with a box of Saltine crackers (?). I was a little sarcastic with him, saying, "Really? You're stealing crackers?" as if to say that that was really the best he could do? The man was even struggling with the box, so I opened it for him and removed a row of crackers. Turns out, he wasn't even going to take the whole box - just a single cracker. He didn't even really want that - he just wanted to take something.

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