Meeting Someone While Waiting at An Airport

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Meeting Someone While Waiting at An Airport

Post by callienicolaysen on Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:08 pm

I had a dream that I was waiting at An airport. I met a younger guy while waiting at the airport. He was foreign (waiting for his own flight) and physically all over me. I doubted his intentions. He insisted that he truly did like me, but I still doubted him because he was so physical with me. I heard my dad in the background saying, "Oh, he probably had a bet with his friends to get a date with a girl."

I ended up going back with my parents. I was concerned that they were upset with me because I went with that guy. That guy on the other hand got exasperated and went to talk to someone about the situation.

I believe this is God confirming to me that this isn't God's match for me. I actually had a vision of my feet standing on a balcony with a man's feet. My Foot popped up, like what happens when a woman is being kissed. I heard Arabic music playing in the background. I am currently waiting for a romantic relationship that would work out according to God's Will. So far I have either not been romantically interested in them or they are married or in a relationship or so forth.

I believe this dream would contradict that vision (God's promise to me).

I believe I know the interpretation to this dream
Just wanted to get further insight.

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Re: Meeting Someone While Waiting at An Airport

Post by dreamster on Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:36 pm

:hairraising: i agree, a distraction, airports can be a place of waiting upon your destiny, this could be a detour, to take you off your intended path, scratching chin

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