South African survivors set free by troops in Chinook helicopters

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South African survivors set free by troops in Chinook helicopters

Post by DAVID B COYLE-DOWLING on Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:22 am

The atmosphere of this dream was set in a very sombre,dark foreboding atmosphere. Felt like it was nighttime but it may also have been smoke.Can remember looking up and seeing these giant Chinook helicopters with troops inside.They were flying at an angle,the back of the helicopter was lower than the front.I could see South African people standing on the ground, in formation,spelling out words to say,here we are .They were standing next to a national monument or government building in our capital city Pretoria.I can remember that I was wearing a blue vest over my clothes.I had with me a young boy.The troops said I shouldnt be with them and wanted to send us away,but didnt.They said the action would take place in the morning. Although action was to take place in the morning it felt as if that South Africa had come through some tremendous struggle,battle ,loss .

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