This dream confused me for a while.

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This dream confused me for a while.

Post by Jennie the Jesus-lover on Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:40 am

03/15/2015 Paul, Eddie Brossoit, Eddie Gonyeau :/ Eddie Brossoit cleaned a mess under my bed that was way against the wall. I had feelings of wanting to cuddle with someone. Whether him or someone else; just somebody. Found Paul McCartney(as a youngin black and white) sitting on the floor looking at something in his left hand. I went to his right. I got close to him and started snuggling and nuzzling his face. I put my hand in his and it felt baby skin soft. And I held his hand too and was caressing it, like stroking it. Then I rested my hand in his again. Then later there was the mo band and I wondered if Eddie Gonyeau went there; I thought he was and had the intense feelings of wanting to go see him. I stared out the window looking at the band and thinking about Eddie Gonyeau. And I tried texting him. Or checking for texts. The end. :P

I have been going through stressors for a prolonged period. And was missing God. And would have feelings of needing a hug and stuff. Does that have anything to do with this dream? I also remember reading about the left side right stuff. Wondering if my buddy Paul's hands had anything to do with that.

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