Jesus, made them be still...

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Jesus, made them be still...

Post by robbinann1 on Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:29 pm

Hello! I had a dream this morning and I was hoping someone could interpret it from a Christian standpoint. In this dream, I was praying in the Spirit and God was revealing things to me (very intensely)and suddenly I noticed black butterflies were falling from the ceiling and starting to swarm about. I knew somehow that these black butterflies should not be there so, I commanded in the name of Jesus for them to die. After this, I went downstairs for awhile and upon me going back upstairs to my bedroom, I saw that most of the butterflies were still and no longer flying around or dying. Fyi, I don't have a fear of butterflies but, I will say when I have dreams this vivid, typically it has a significant meaning outside of just a run of the mill dream. Thanks in advance for any insight

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