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Spiritual Gifts

Post by His Beloved on Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:01 am

I had a dream that we were in a church parking lot get out of our cars to go inside becauseof a great music group called "Spiritual Gifts" were performing that night at my church. It was myself. my Pastor's mom and sister we all walked in talking and laughing. As we entered we saw the group getting ready to set up and the froup director Donald was messing with the only guy in the group and was picking with him (IRL this group does exist and I mentioned this dream to Donald and he said that's funny because we only do have one guy in th egroup and his name is brandon and we do always pick with him)...to continue on after the group finished performing we were all clapping and the Pastor came to me put his forehead on my forehead, I looked into his eyes and he looked into my eyes we were staring at each other forehead to forehead and eye to eye He whispered in my ear and asked me to do something for him( I can't remember what it was he asked me) but he walked away smiling and said you know Sis Carrie I don't just ask anyone to do anything for me and I looked backed at him and smiled and said I know and he walked over to his Mom and Sister of whom I initially walked in with and they were picking at him and girly giggling at him because of me like aww he's in love like he was flirting or something.
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