Running the Race w/ Jesus - How this applies to Dreams & Visions

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Running the Race w/ Jesus - How this applies to Dreams & Visions Empty Running the Race w/ Jesus - How this applies to Dreams & Visions

Post by Mia Sherwood on Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:03 am

Life as a New Creature in Christ is meant to be different than what it was before. Different in that you have The Living God present in your daily life to help you when you need Him. If you receive it, He will be present speaking to you, helping you, and comforting you when you need it but you have to believe to receive.

My husband and I expect God to speak to us and we pay very close attention to our dreams especially because God has been faithful to speak to us this way for years.

On Easter morning, my husband dreamed of a situation that worried him in the dream. He heard a voice say, Don't worry. He told me about it when he woke me up for church. The unusual thing is that my husband is usually always the type of guy who proclaims he is not worried because of his faith in God taking care of him, so it seemed odd that he had a dream that he was worrying about something. We didn't think much of it and got ready for the Sunrise Easter service.

At the service that morning, as I sat in the sand a few feet from the ocean waves while watching the sun rise, the Lord spoke to my heart and said that our lives will still have trials and tribulations after we turn it over to Him, BUT! He is always right there with us.

He gave me a vision of myself running a gauntlet all alone and it wasn't much fun running through all the dangers and pitfalls.

Then, He gave me a vision of running that very same gauntlet but this time He was running right along side me!!! Wow! What a difference! What an image!!! My spirit soared!!!!

What do we have to fear when Jesus is with us!?!!

He said this is what life is like. We still have to live it, and it won't be perfect, but running it with Jesus is incredible. We have the King of Kings and Lord of Lords by our side and He wants us to NEVER FORGET that He is with us.

Strangely, we stopped at our old house to pick up some more boxes and we the very situation my husband dreamed about arose. Even stranger, he was very stressed. Immediately, we remembered his dream, and then added with my vision, the whole situation was stunning.

Our Father knew that Jeremiah would be uncharacteristically anxious so, even before we received the news, He told us not to worry and gave us comfort that He is always running through life with us. His timing was amazing and precious. Easter day would have been shadowed by worry if it were not for the tender and personal touch from Our Father exactly when we needed Him.


I'm a lousy example of a Christian but a PERFECT example of God's Grace.
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