The Tiger Cub

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The Tiger Cub

Post by mico on Sun Apr 05, 2015 7:35 am

I walked into the living room and looked out through the kitchen window. My mother had brought my clothes up from the laundry in a washing basket, and had placed the washing basket on the BBQ out on the back verandah. I could see it through the window.

But there was a baby tiger cub sitting on my washing in the basket. It jumped out of the washing basket, onto the table on the verandah, then in through the kitchen window, onto the kitchen bench then leapt into my arms (friendly).

I remember wondering why my mother thought buying a tiger cub for a pet would be a good idea! I think I asked her why and said I didn't think it was a good idea.

Then the cub bounds down to the back end of the room and jumps on another piece of furniture with it's back towards me and starts spraying, all over the lounge room floor.

I just watch it like I can't believe, but yes I can, that this is happening. (Of course something like this is going to happen! It's a wild cat).

In the urine, I see chunks of cut up strawberry landing on the floor in the urine i.e. it's urinating chunks of strawberry.

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