Can anyone shed some light on this dream meaning

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Can anyone shed some light on this dream meaning

Post by reilly on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:31 pm

My Son and I were on a beach in Australia trying to locate his new university / study place. I was excited because we were in Australia.
The next thing we were in a room, like a waiting room and there was a pregnant woman standing in the middle of the room with a dress on. Light beige with brownish tiny pictures on if I remember correctly. It looked as if everyone else in the room was sitting in a circle around her, around the circumference of the room. It was not a big room. Nobody seemed to even know she was there.
She moaned a bit and said something like – the baby is coming – squatted down pushing desperately on her tiny tummy from the top as if to push the baby out. She gave one push and I heard a gush and knew the baby had been born. I looked at her for a moment – without noticing her features. She was calm and almost relieved, but never acknowledged the baby. I walked around behind her and said something like, lets see how your doing, to the baby. It was lying in a ball, face down in a puddle of water. The water was clear and clean, the baby was light pink to whitish (not dead or grey). There was no sign of blood anywhere. I scooped the baby up under its tummy with my right hand and noticed it wasn’t breathing. I didn’t lift it far above the puddle. I then gave it two flat hand, but solid smacks on the back with my left hand and the baby started to cry. I transferred the baby into my left hand feeling very pleased (having being very calm and matter-of –factly throughout the whole thing), and said, “now let’s see what you are.” I turned the baby over and saw that it was a boy. I straight away gently handed the baby to his mom. She took him and held him close. I still remember thinking that the placenta was still to come, and had a notion that someone had called an ambulance and they were on their way. The next picture I saw was the baby lying in its moms arms, all neatly wrapped in a blanket with a dummy in his mouth. His mom was also putting a dummy in her mouth (it could have been just to hold for a second or clean it off – as we moms do)… all i saw of her was her mouth. I don't know who she was.

Usually I don't think too much about dreams afterwards, but this one has been playing over in my mind all day. Any help or ideas would be enlightening.

/Blessings to all

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Re: Can anyone shed some light on this dream meaning

Post by HeLives00 on Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:11 pm

Has the Lord been speaking to you about being A spiritual midwife? Someone who helps others birth out ministry. If you were on the beach that may represent the Spirit (oceans) and Australia may be God taking you higher and deeper into new levels in Him.

The mouth thing could also mean teaching others about the power of the word. How to decree and declare.

The circle could represent time or our infinite God, or seasons.

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