Trying on Clothes

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Trying on Clothes

Post by wiselisa58 on Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:10 pm

I had 8 garments in my hand that I wanted to try on. I was at the fitting room and I told the clerk I had 8 items to try on. So, I went to this area and it was out in the open with no doors. This lady also came and said someone told her to stand there while I tried on the clothes. And to myself I was thinking how embarrassed I would be id the clothes didn't fit, since she was standing there. I remember trying on a blue jean jacket then it went to me trying on a light green jacket, the size of the jacket was smaller than what I would wear in real life. I was looking I'm the mirror and I saw the jacket was too small. It didn't zip up. I really liked this jacket and I wanted to get it. So, I was about to ask the lady if they had it in a bigger size, but the exact jacket appeared in my size without me even asking the clerk. I was relieved

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