Missing Bible Chapter names and Psalm 6

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Missing Bible Chapter names and Psalm 6

Post by Centurion on Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:48 pm

Few night ago I had this dream. A person gave me a Bible, but when I opened it, the book names and chapters at the top of the page was missing, and as I was flipping through the pages, more book names disappeared. I answered the person and said: "There is no Psalm 6 in this Bible." I was upset with this and wondered how this could be happening and how could they do this.

I pray a lot for Israel, persecuted Christians in the Middle East and for my country, South Africa. The previous government supported and worked with Israel. The new ANC communistic government turned against Israel. I plead daily with God not to judge the Christians in RSA according to what our government does, we love Israel! Just some background on my prayer life.
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