Is that REALLY you?

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Is that REALLY you?

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:29 pm

After not dreaming of my ex much since last year, here's another dream that comes up that causes me to think a little bit more. I am over my ex but I still think that God is trying to say something here (after all, he's the one that causes us to dream and increases the dreams right?) Let me know what the spirit says kay my babes? lol! smooches
Saw a HUGE poster on the wall of I and my ex B (I was on the left side and my ex on the right). My father had led me to this poster (I guess he wanted me to look at something). My ex had on a doo-rag (which is a wave cap so to speak--a covering that keeps the hairstyle in place; IRL my ex didn't wear such things!!!Lol) and he also had on a black sweat pant suit (again, attire he just wouldn't be caught wearing at all!). The man looked like my ex in the face but his body was different (looked alot bigger muscular wise and he was taller; IRL he is tall). I was smiling in the picture but it was a wry smile (I could see it in my eyes that I wasn't really happy, even though I was "putting on" for the camera). My ex too didn't look happy even though he had a HUGE Kool-aid smile!lol...The setting appeared to be in the movie theater (where we would often go) because of the dark chairs and the lighting,etc. A black wool jacket was covering my forearms and my lap (I guess because it was cold in the theatre); My ex had on his jacket as well (covering himself). My father looked a little angry as he was showing me the picture (I guess trying to unveil some things about my ex). In the picture I had noticed that he had on a wedding band? (Which by the way this is the ONLY dream where I've seen my ex with a wedding band on). Supposedly my ex had been dating I and my sister and other women at the same time--while he was married---I was furious!!!! (IRL my ex wasn't married when we dated, but I would venture to say that he had been cheating on me throughout the relationship). Later, I had seen an old videotape of my ex walking through a huge mall (again, not looking like himself, but alot better?) and his right arm quickly went behind him as he walked. I saw a wedding band glistening on his hand--HIS RIGHT ring finger. So, he WAS married when we dated---yuck! I felt so violated by it all. I didn't know what to say but to just shake my head in disappointment!

WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THIS ONE? please continue to pray

p.s. I read in a bible dictionary that a ring symbolizes "wealth, honor, power, etc" but in the New testament (can't find exactly where right now) it speaks about the ring worn on the right hand being "effeminate". Hmmmmm (ie: weak? no self control? lacking something? etc) please tell me what the spirit leads for you to say. :kitty:
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