A new man?

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A new man?

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:19 pm

Had this dream December 5, 2008 and as I was going through my journal, I decided to take a deeper look at this as confirmation to my other dreams of my ex. Please let me know what the spirit says to you. I love you deeply
My father opened the door and he was talking to me while he was standing in the doorway. Someone was hiding behind my father (a male) and dad said: B IS HERE (which is my ex). He seemed unphased yet excited to tell me and my siblings the information. My ex had come to visit my family (by himself) and he seemed happy. I was actually shocked that he had come to visit. Two of my sisters were excited to see him (IRL they were the main ones keeping in touch with him after our breakup). I saw B in the distance trying to cut grass and fix things up (I heard the lawn mower so I assumed that was him doing the maintenance). Neighborhood kids and guys went to hang over there with us and him ("AS ALWAYS" I had told my mother-:) I wanted my ex to see how I had changed (physically, etc). I remember bringing someone else's baby over there to where he was (the baby or me? had a cold--was kind of sick). I was going to make a grand entrance(as always) so he could really notice me! (WHAAAT????!!!)
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