Packing For Trip and Finding Sweaters

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Packing For Trip and Finding Sweaters

Post by wiselisa58 on Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:05 am

My dream started out with my mother and I sitting at a table talking. Then she said that we should get ready for the trip by packing. So, I went over to lock the back door and at first I couldn't get it to close correctly, but I finally did. Then I started locking the door and there were many locks on the door. As I was locking the door I could see a dog sitting outside looking at the door and then it began to bark once it heard the door locking. So, I began barking back at the dog. He started to look curious about who was barking at him. Then I began walking towards my room and I asked my mother did she want one of my duffle bags and she said yes. So, I went in my room and I pulled out a duffle bag. Then I opened the duffle bag and it was filled with 3-4 sweaters and new socks. I was surprised to see the sweaters in the bag. One sweater I believe was dirty and I was saying it needed to be washed. To myself I was trying to figure out what to wear that day and what to pack. Any thoughts.

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Re: Packing For Trip and Finding Sweaters

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Mar 14, 2015 7:56 am

Most of this dream seems to be about the door, no?

To me, closing and locking the door is about shutting something or someone out of your life - at least, for now.  With so many locks on the door, it really drives the point that whatever it is that you feel you need to shut out, you really need to keep it out.

The dog can represent a person or a spirit.

The socks can be a new feeling of readiness or peace.

The sweaters can represent a mantle/anointing/gifting.  If one was dirty, it could be something that needs "cleaning up" - revisiting some teaching in this area or getting prayed up before operating in it.

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