Man of God and pastor at my house

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Man of God and pastor at my house

Post by profbussy on Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:08 pm

I dreamt that my Pastor and his wife came visiting me but they also came along with a great man of God who is the general overseer of my church (with over 100,000) branches worldwide. The general overseer was sitting quietly all through the time.
The only thing I can remember is that me and my husband (in particular) was going about our normal business. I thought to myself in the dream that I will seat on the same seat our General Overseer (GO) was sitting so that I can (by faith) tap into what he carries.
After a while, the GO wanted to use the toilet and I thought to myself if it was dirty. Then I think it got to a point that they were about leaving.

The dream had a peaceful feeling to me. Can somebody please help/enlighten my interpretation?
Thank you.

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