Large beautiful birds nest

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Large beautiful birds nest

Post by hdejager on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:27 pm

This morning my husband chatted to me about his dreams and one in particular stayed with me partly because of the contradictory emotion in the dream.

We were in his childhood home and the two of us walked into the garage. It was large enough to fit 3 cars (although there were no cars inside at the time). The garage was dusty and full of cobwebs, but instead of feeling anxious or creepy or afraid, he fealt awe. The dust and the cobwebs had a shining beauty to it. He saw, in the middle of the garage, a very large birds nest hanging from the rafters. It looked like a large woven sak, made also from this beautiful delicate spiderweb material. In and around this nest flew beautiful tropical, parot-like birds, but very small. There were 3 specific coloured birds: some were yellow, some orange and some green. This was all so beautiful to him, he setup his tripod and took photos.

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