Fallen being; alien thing, sister, strangers, and anxiety

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Fallen being; alien thing, sister, strangers, and anxiety

Post by Jennie the Jesus-lover on Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:16 am

Twice in a row I've experienced a dream of these things. I was with my sis among a group of people I don't know, in the dark inside in the first dream. In the dark outside in the second dream. Anyway I had a strong feeling like I wanted to get rid of the being, which was staring straight at me with them creepy eyes. Because it was dark I felt slightly intimidated and telepathically thought of having respect for it so that nothing would happen to me. But then me sister picked it up and carried it outside, a ufo thing comes close and takes the alien back, which made a weird noise that sounded like E.T. like a weird weed wacker. I woke up. Second dream we were outside again around strangers at a pick nick type table. My sister jumped on the Alien like a police officer and she or I said "this is the FBI you're under arrest." Then she picked up its arms and played with it. I just said in a half-amused way "they're so creepy" she continued doing what she was doing making creepy noises and had its claw things touch my chin neck area and I woke up attacking like an animal would, like biting. Well please pray for me to figure this out thank you Jesus bless

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