Creepy old men and a nice surprise

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Creepy old men and a nice surprise

Post by bluejeankid on Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:18 am

:HiBye: again. How is everyone? In this dream its dark out and I'm in the backseat of a car. We approach a old rusted gate that is open. We got through the gate and ride up to a large old house that looks like it holds crazy, backs woods,devil pocessed ,old people nursing home. I think do you really want to go here? No I don't but then I see two old guys standing just outside the door talking. The lights are on in the house so I can see their faces. They look pretty rough but when I walk up to them they are very pleasant and smile. They welcome me and tell me that this is where Jesus lives.

Now its daylight and I'm standing on a large rock ledge. I look to my left and see a small brown skinned girl standing. She is dressed in little summer dress with no shoes. Smiling. I ask her, Where do you live? She points to a home just below the rock. I look the house over. It has large holes in the roof. Two holes in the front of the house where there used to be windows. Through the hole I can see that the floor is completely gone. Just a steel beam where the floor use to be. Her mother is standing outside the house in the front. I ask her, How can you live here? There isn't even a floor. This is just a shell.

Now I sitting in some outdoor bleechers. I don't see anyone down on the field but the bleechers are full on both sides. I'm sitting on the top step. On my right is a woman about my age. She hands me a hair brush and tells me to brush my hair. I look at the brush and see some strawberry blond hair in it. I think I'll remove the hair before I do. The woman tells me its OK just brush your hair. :huh: I do one brush then think I"m going to remove the hair first. I'll just do it down on my lap so she doesn't see. Then the opposite bleechers start singing a song to the Lord. Then they are singing "How sweet you are". I look up stunned. The woman next to me tells me they are singing to you. wow

:thankyou: BJK
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