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Post by PrincessAde2 on Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:53 am

Had a dream I was in a village and saw an area of the land full of flies patched on the ground and moving all over and I said, No I am not going that side as the land is dead, horrible, I turned back and walking on a path where green grass, leaves were on both sides of this path, I then saw a snake few yards in front of me ruffling in the small bushes on the right side showing itself on the path, I stopped as I saw it ahead and stepped aside, I then saw one animal chasing the snake towards me but snake ran to the side bushes when it saw me and the animal chased him into the bush. I continued walking and started climbing a mountain, got to the top, saw a lady and a man sitting under a canopy, I greeted the lady but she did not answer but moaning about the other man and not speaking nice about the man I was asking of. I then saw myself holding onto a friendís clothes by the waist behind her to get down from the mountain, my friend was in front and we got to a place where there was a dip gap and about to cross to the other side, there was a slim line red brick at the beginning of the bridge from the rock resting on a very high wall as a bridge to the other side. My friend walked fast on the red brick crossed to the other side on the bridge and was asking me to come. I looked down the gap, saw the big dip gap and said "No, I canít do this", still figuring how to get to the other side. I then decided to jump. I did not go on the slim crossing but jumped and landed on the fence/wall , hit my chest, but did not feel the pain, hanging on the fence then dropped down on the other side feeling sorry for myself. I then saw a woman standing there telling my friend off and asked why she did not help/explain/guided me properly and the woman was not happy about what happened to me. I was up. I had this dream on 27/1/15 before the pushing of wardrobe dream on 28/1/15

This appeared to be a WARNING DREAM

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