Blue jeans, tvs and remote control

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Blue jeans, tvs and remote control

Post by bluejeankid on Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:35 am

:HiBye: Everyone. This dream began with me and two others standing in front of a climbing wall. I was standing in the middle. I said we have to climb this wall somehow to get to the top. As soon as I said that we begin to be lifted. I looked down at my feet and saw that the three of us where on a rock ledge. A baby elephant was lifting us with his head and trunk to the next level. He lifted us as high as he could. I said to the others we have to do the last little bit to get to the top. We did. :whew:

At the top it opened up into a vacation hotel lobby. Very nice and clean. People relaxing. Dressed in vacation summer clothes. For some reason I grab the TV remote control.Point it at the lobby TV to watch my husband. Hes on TV. Daph\\'s Dreams Hes sitting at a counter with a bunch of other men. They are just talking and relaxing. He is on the news channel. They talk about how wonderful he is and all the wonderful things he has done. Then the cameraman zooms in on the tag on the back of his jeans. The tag is from the wire mill. ( My husband does work at the wire mill and he HATES it.)The news woman goes on to talk about how he is wearing pants from the wire mill. I think to myself I should buy him his own jeans but she has no right to focus in on that. They are more concerned about what he wears on the outside than what is on the inside.

So I take the remote control and turn on all the TVs in the lobby. I own the remote! I go up the stairs and see all these games on the steps. I don't know if kids left them there or not, but they look like brand new adult games. I go back downstairs because I have no time for games.

:thankyou: BJK
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