Speaking with an Asian Man at the Beach

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Speaking with an Asian Man at the Beach

Post by callienicolaysen on Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:18 pm

I had a dream awhile ago of me being at a beach with an Asian man. We were talking about racism and children.

He said, "I just don't like how my children are going to be oppressed simply because they are the fruit of my loins..."

I responded, "the fruit of your loins?"

He responded sarcastically, "You know, when a, man and woman love one another..."

I interrupted him "I know what you mean."

I then saw a bunch of vivid, real life pictures of evil looking men in court facing charges of racist crimes. These images were so real and vivid and you can see true darkness and pure hatred in these men's eyes.
I heard that guy yelling at me about me focusing on my dreams.

End of dream. I know this dream is prophetic

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