Could this be part 2 of the previous dream?

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Could this be part 2 of the previous dream?

Post by Dreamert00 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:00 pm

Dream: I was in the mall with my sister and some others walking through. I stopped walking to look at something on TV. When I looked up they were gone and I didn't know where they went. I was shocked she didn't bid me that they are leaving me behind. I tried to see what way they went but it was too many directions they could have gone. I went my own way and seen my brother who is a chef working at a sushi bar. I stopped and asked to taste their sushi. He said fine, but I asked if it had msg because I'm allergic. He said he can take the skin off. Which then he pulled off the fried skin of a chicken wing. I asked for sushi but got chicken. It was a big chicken wing and I ate it. Might I add it was good. I had a piece in both hands.

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