$50 grand in a cloud, terrible car wreck

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$50 grand in a cloud, terrible car wreck

Post by Destine on Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:14 am

I had this dream two days ago: We were in our basement watching a movie,my dad apologized for not having faith me; concerning my decision to apply to a university with average SAT scores. I go upstairs to pack my clothes(I believe were going to a hotel). I come out to our kitchen, my sister says she is going to the movies with her friend. I ask to come, but she says no. I leave with my parents to a hotel, I found a $100 bill in my jean pocket. Which was odd, seeing that those jeans just got washed. We get settled into our room, my mom gets a call from the hospital. My sister and Riley(her friend( were in a terrible car wreck. I cry and shake my head, but the weird thing is I see a cloud with my name on it, with $50,000 and the school I want to attend. So it looks like a scholarship check cloud!
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