Kitchen and a pink car

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Kitchen and a pink car

Post by bluejeankid on Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:07 am

:HiBye: Everyone. I dreamed that I was in a kitchen. Family members were there and I was trying to pick-up.Then someone (my grandmother ?)ask me a question about getting my grandmothers new furniture yet? No,she gave me the money. I'll go right now. I walk to the door and see that it is dark out already. I walk across the back yard to her pink car and get in the driver seat. It takes me awhile to rise the seat so that I can drive. Its a manual stick shift. (IRL my gr.mother is with the Lord. :angel: Her name was Rose. She did not drive and paid cash for everything. She always brought new livingroom furniture every 2 years.) I look down the driveway and see that it is all mud but drive on anyway with no troubles.

The scene changes and I'm standing at the kitchen counter in my previous home. I'm collecting all my candy and putting it in a white plastic bag. There are other people in the room and I think to myself if I should offer them some candy? No, I've offered before. I'll take it all with me.

Now I'm at a store. I've already made my purchase and I'm on my way out of the store. I stop and am talking to someone when I see a little girl going through my stuff. Hey, thats my stuff I tell her mother who is standing right there. My stuff is in a new garbage can loaded on a hand truck. Scratch Chin I had put the food stuff in first then covered it with my coat. So the mother and daughter are leaning down into this. The mother struggles to get the girl to release the bag and hands it to me. I see that it looks like a bag of onions that the girl opened but I then realize that its a bag of onion sized gumballs. bubblegum Oh, I didn't know. So I ask the mother if the daughter would like one? She shoots me a dirty look and walks away.

So now I am walking to my truck. Its a covered sidewalk and while walking I see Chubby or Charles-IRL he passed. Hi I say and his younger brother Stevie comes up and along side of him. I marvel at how two brothers can look so and be so different. wow

Now I'm in the parking lot but its not a parking lot. Its a green lot and my truck is the only vehicle there, but there are lots of people there. I'm trying to pack the truck. I have a little boy with me who is in the back seat of the truck. I have to hurry but I want to do it in an organized way. So I take the boy out and put him in the bed of the truck and ask someone to keep an eye on him while I pack the truck. I know that I put two large, soft dark blue pillows in the back seat but then I hear a loud sound :huh: . I look out over the back of the truck and see hovering in mid air a rocket. It hovers straight up and down. I see the steak of white smoke that followed it. Its the size of an airplane engine. The bottom is clear and there is a wide ring of purple around the top. It disappears behind the grassey hill. I think it goes straight down into the earth but I hear nothing. So I think that it is hovering just above the ground.

I check to make sure the little boy is OK and continue with my packing. Then in the sky I see another rocket like the first but smaller. It hovers right in the back of my truck. I look at it a moment then continue packing. I have to go.

I wasn't afraid in this dream just in a hurry.

:thankyou: BJK
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