Pure waters

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Pure waters

Post by Angem on Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:36 am

Hello everybody :)
I'm from Poland so I'd like to apologize for my English if it is not totally correct. I'd like to ask you about a dream interpretation. Thank you in advance!

I had a dream which action took place in a river valley area where my family lives for generations. It was a "living" part of a year: spring or summer. It was very sunny, warm and nice weather,  very vivid colours and picturesque view.
I saw my brother's girlfriend, who behaved very boldly like she was a part of our family. She was sitting at the table with my parents and my brothers, and was making important decisions with them. Her opinion seemed to be valid more like she was my brother's wife and my parent's daughter in law than just a girlfriend. But I didn't sit at the table with them - just was watching the scene.
Then I moved into area nearby the village where the previous scene took place. It was a river bank. I rode an old fashioned, open wooden wagon being pulled by a chestnut horse with blond mane. It was the same wagon, which stood on the premises of my grandparents' estate, on which I used to play as a little girl. But I didn't hold the reins - the horse took direction on his own. Although the wagon was old, I was looking very up to date and attractive: I had a nice hairdo, I was wearing a posh white jacket - I was looking like a bussines woman or someone succesful. I was feeling very good: peacefull and happy.
At the same time my sight moved on the village where my family was in that previous scene. My brother's girlfriend started a familly restaurant bussines and we all was engaged in running it. We was preparing some exotic and fancy dishes.
Then my sight moved back where I was sitting in the wagon. The horse was headed himself on a meadow which is placed between the river bank and a flood embankment. We were headed there despite a flood started to happened and the meadow started to be flooded. We were riding up the river flow direction.
At first I was affraid that the flood's waters would be dirty, muddy and unclean. But, to my astonishment, I noticed that it was ideal clear, pure and clean and each piece of flooded grass was absolutely perfect (I had something like zoom on it) and there was no any bugs or insects in it at all! It was absolutely clean and perfect!
The depth of the flood's water  was several inches, just above the horse's hooves. Although clear waters was rising yet slowly, I  had a deep conviction in my heart that really big flood was coming and I could even hear its sound! And with this conviction my dream ended.

This dream I had almost one and a half year ago. What is really important - that "girlfriend" just has became my brother's wife on August this year! She is doing many family gathering an parties and preparing many fancy dishes just as in this dream.  I think if one part of the dream came to pass, the rest should as well. So I'm really curious what it could mean?

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Re: Pure waters

Post by Dreamert00 on Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:37 pm

The wagon is working in the flesh instead of the Holy Ghost (waters). The Holy Ghost is rivers of living waters. In this season don't miss God by doing your own thing. Prosperity come from God, you can look the part, but the flesh is limited that( wagon). Also, don't be double minded, stop looking at the past. Horses are stubborn, get off it, drop the attitude. If it doesn't resonate, ignore it. But God showed you His plans to purify you and carry you, don't doubt his plans for you.

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