Three Men: my friend, my ex, an old crush: URGENT!!

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Three Men: my friend, my ex, an old crush: URGENT!!

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:06 am

Hello everyone,

I had this dream yesterday afternoon & its been on my mind all day. I was talking to my mother I was trying to find a way to visit my friend Pierre who lived in Alabama. Next thing I know I end up in his bedroom I scared him because he did'nt know how I got in. we were talking at first then he started kissing me. As things continued between us Censored His face & body changed into my ex Douglas which made my even more aggressive in pursuing him. when he got up out of the bed he locked the door because his brother told his mother that there was a woman in his room & that was'nt allowed. I remembered that douglas did'nt have a brother only a sister. when he turned around it was my old crush Lawrence. I got dressed & went to the living room his mother was sitting in the kitchen sowing something together She did'nt notice me in the room which kinda made me wonder if something was wrong with her...She was married but I did'nt see her husband around. It made me worry & gave me the feeling that he might have passed away because emotionally I sensed pain in her. & her younget son was standing behind her at ease like a military soldier almost as if he was waiting for something to happen. I went on the porch to talk to Lawrence. It was raining really hard outside I looked into the street & it was flooding but the water was clear I could see to the bottom. We were talking & laughing we have never been this close in my waking world. Then He started telling me about war. i looked out and there was all these buses in a parking lot the top of them were on fire & they were leaving the lot. The people inside the buses Had axes & any kind of weaponry you can think of They were happy to be fighting it scared me because it was dark & evil. Lawrence told me that they were going to fight, & that it usually took place around the end of the year. I looked at the people & they were wearing costumes. It was Halloween!!! We continued to talk and I woke up When I went back to sleep we were still talking he was the person I would always seen when I went back to sleep yesterday.
The part I dont understand is why I'm being sent to this man? In my waking world we dont talk. thinking
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